ISO Certification and Consultation Services in Mangalore, India

We have Registered Trademark 'OneCity' & ISO certification which will associate you to a great Customer Service Provider and make you safe.

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ISO Certification and Consultation Services in Mangalore

ISO Certification and Consultation Services in Mangalore

OneCity Business Solutions is the Top Rated and Trusted ISO Certification Consultants in Mangalore and Dubai offering ISO Certification in Mangalore, India and Dubai.

ISO certification ensures that your organization meets international standards.

It assures customers that goods and services which they are buying should meet some quality standards and factors And OneCity Business Solutions is the Best ISO Consultant in Mangalore, India.

ISO certification logo on your products will work as a powerful marketing and branding tool which gives a chance to defeat your competitors if they are not certified by ISO. ISO is the key to increase the efficiency & development of your Business. Either you are a Small or Multi-National Company ISO Certification is a must if you don't have one. ISO Certified Companies grow fast within short time as your customers can trust your business as you are ISO Certified and Recognized by the Government.

About ISO Standards

ISO means international standard organization and it’s a system implementation on various industries and businesses in order to monitor and measure the quality and system.

Implementation of the system is for the companies to get better productivity and minimize the errors.

ISO standard is introduced and implemented on 23 February 1947 worldwide. Making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials, showroom, services and many more field can be chosen to implement ISO standards.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 22001 & ISO 27001 are famous and generally used ISO certification in the market. ISO 9001 is QMS (Quality Management system), ISO 14001 is EMS (Environmental Management System), ISO 18001 is OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and it is become ISO 45001, ISO 22001 is FSMS (food safety management system) and ISO 27001 is ISMS (Information Security Management System)

ISO 9001 is QMS (Quality Management system)

worlds most recognized quality management system used worldwide for all types of business service or industries. ISO 9001 helps companies and organizations to increase their performance while protecting consumers and the environment and planet.

ISO 14001 is EMS (Environmental Management System)

These standards seek to provide cost-effective system that make use of best practices for organizing and applying the information about environmental and its management to protect and save environment.

ISO 18001 is OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and now 45001

OHSAS 18001 was one of the International Standard for organizations in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. It provided ISO 18001 provides framework for the effective management of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment including all aspects of risk management and legal compliance, it focuses on occupational health and safety rather than any specific product safety measures or matters. 22001 is FSMS (food safety management system)

What is ISO 22000 and explain process with example of food industry?

ISO 22000 implements requirements for a food safety management system. What requirements an organization must meet to demonstrate food safety norms and implementation of its system. it can control food safety hazards and minimize the hazards. ISO 22000 industries can get certified to 22001 and it covers organizations across the whole food chain, from the farm to the table.

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

Information is a precious asset that has the potential to build or ruin your business. It enables you to function with confidence when appropriately controlled. ISO 27001 (Information security management) allows you to expand, develop, and widen your client base while being certain that all of your personal data will stay private. Being ISO 27001 compliant or certified conveys to your clients and stakeholders that you are serious about information security. They'll understand that they can entrust you with their most sensitive data. Organizations of all types can use ISO 27001 to manage the security of assets such as financial data, intellectual property, personnel information, and information entrusted by third parties.

How to apply for ISO Certification

Documents Required
  • Normal Documents
  • GST Copy
  • 2 Purchase Bill
  • 2 Sales Bill
  • We will prepare all other required documents
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Overview and Benefits of ISO Certification & Consultation

International standardized Organization is shortened as ISO and Quality Management system for an organization as per the international standard.
Whoever follows this International system is certified by the certifying body with auditing.
ISO Certificate gives the confidence to the customers the confidence of doing the dealing with product and service.

Advantages of ISO Certification

Motivates confidence of the market, customer and helps in increasing the inquiry, business and profits
Fills the confidence of clients about the organization strength and can provide HIGH QUALITY products and services to its customers.
Great marketing tool to improve public image and drives to do the business.
Larger and ISO certified organization prefers to appoint ISO certified Organizations as their vendors and service providers.
Helps in getting Major clients, MNC's, Public Sectors and Govt. Tenders.
Provides eligibility to enter All over India market and International clients.
Helps to provide better production result with minimum waste of raw materials.
It helps to gain 10-20% more profit than market rate.
Get More Revenue and Business from New Customers.
Get more NRI clients since they fitted with ISO standards in their business.

We also Provide Company registartion services for Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited liability partnership