Importance of ISO Certification For An Organization


What Do You Mean by ISO Certification?

ISO technically stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. Its certification endorses that an organization’s system and its processes are consistent with international standards, thereby validating quality assurance. 

In simple terms, we can say that ISO certification is a Quality management control system for your organization. 

Decoding the ISO Components 

An ISO accredited company is certified by a number and a year. If we take for example an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we see that there are three parts to the certification. 

ISO, which means International Organisation for Standardization.

9001 refers to the class of certification. 9001 pertains to the industry quality management control systems. There are several classifications which we will enumerate below.

2015 denotes the year in which these standards were set by the International Organization for Standardization.

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The Different Types of ISO Certification

ISO exists in many fields in the industry. From Management, manufacturing, processes and other areas in an organisation. 

Some of the different types of ISO certifications among others are

  • ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management System
  • ISO 22008 – Food Safety Management
  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • SO 13485 – Medical devices
  • ISO 8601 – Date and time format
  • SO/IEC 17025 – Testing and calibration laboratories
  • ISO 37001 – Anti-bribery management systems

These certifications bring about a universal system of checks and balances in the industry. That is why ISO certification is important to an organization.  

Why Is ISO Certification Important?

As explained above, ISO certification serves as a means to maintain consistency in the world market. Without an ISO certification, it will be difficult to maintain constancy and regularity in industries across nations. 

It helps to keep industries in uniformity. To further explain why ISO certification is important, we have spelled out the benefits of ISO certification hereunder.

Obtaining an ISO Certification Allows You to Boost Your Business and Improve Efficiency

ISO certification gives you access to globally accepted best practices in your industry. Thereby boosting your business, management, and sales. It gives a competitive edge to your organization. 

An ISO certified organization follows a set standard for processing, manufacturing, internal management, or even customer interaction. Following these standards leads to the manufacture of quality products or services. 

ISO sets the guidelines to help the industry to think systematically about the processes and operational activities.

Increased Scope for Other Set Standards

Obtaining ISO in a particular specification inevitably leads to improvement in other areas. 

For example, an ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) accreditation is the basis for other ISO certifications like ISO 14001 (environmental management). Therefore, you save time when applying for other industry-specific ISO certifications.

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Scope for Better Internal Management

Meeting ISO specifies standards increases the work efficacy of an organization. A research analysis showed that the efficiency of workers and staff were greater in an ISO certified organization. 

Several workers expressed job satisfaction and commitment to their work. Management and workers of an ISO certified institution feel encouraged to work towards a common goal using a set and consistent process. It improves communication within the organization.


Improved Customer Relations and New Customer Acquisition

Having an ISO certification for your institution raises the worth of your institution. Customers are assured of standard quality. 

They are guaranteed that their grievances will be addressed. It provides consumers with confidence in your product or service. 

It leads to better ordering and customer interaction. Thereby improved customer relations. 

These improvements not only increase efficacy but also decrease customer dissatisfaction. More on how ISO certification can improve customer satisfaction can be read here . Customer satisfaction is one of the major benefits of ISO certification.

Uniform Product/Services

Another reason why ISO certification is important to an organization is that it provides for a standard uniformity when it comes to products and services. 

It provides a certain set of specifications to ensure that the product or service work in the way they are supposed to. ISO certification inevitably leads to a better quality of products and services.

Globally Recognised Products

An ISO certified organization enjoys the benefit of being globally recognised. It has more influence on the worldwide market. 

Following set Standards are how a level market can be achieved and maintained. Thereby contributing to global trade. Iso certification opens doors to new markets. 

For example; A government may require certain specifications for export to take place. ISO certification ensures that these standards are and specifications are met. Some companies make it a prerequisite to possess an ISO certification before trading or doing business.

Decreased Wastage from The Manufacturing Process

As a certain tried and tested process is adopted through ISO, an organization tends to have decreased waste from the manufacturing process. The amount of rejected products or outdated inventory may reduce. Also, an ISO certification helps to reduce the costs of manufacturing.

Increase in Profits

Research over the years has shown that ISO registered companies show a more increased revenue than a non-registered company. 

ISO certification builds a more conducive workplace thereby contributing to the favourable manufacturing process and consequentially increased sales and revenues. Once an organization is ISO certified, it can advertise its accreditation. 

Customers demand quality. They will approach companies that provide quality. ISO certification is one the means for a company to showcase to customers that the product or service is a quality standard. 

An increase in customer base results in increased sales and consequently an increase in profits for the organization or industry. An increase in profits is one of the reasons why ISO certification is important.

Applies to Organizations Irrespective of Size

An organization whether large or small may apply for an ISO certification. ISO grants certification to all types of business. Eagerness to adopt best practices in the industry is the only criteria needed. 

Since ISO certifications are reviewed annually, organizations and industries are kept in check throughout the year. Though ISO certification is not a compulsory accreditation, it confirms credentials for your organization. 

Today’s competitive market has made it almost necessary to possess an ISO certification. It is an endorsement that your organization complies with international standards of quality. 

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